Q: Does my dog need to attend every day to secure a place at Diamond Dogs canine crèche?

A: Not at all, we have dogs who attend 5 days a week, but one or two days a week is also common.

Q: Will my dog be taken off site during the day?

A: Only if you specifically request dog walking during the session (additional charges will apply) otherwise, all of our ‘diamond dogs’ are kept in our safe, secure facility until you to come to collect them.

Q: Can I bring my dog as a ‘one off’?

A: We prefer not to, it’s important not to disrupt the dynamics of the pack, so we would recommend at least 4 half days a month as a minimum, that way your dog gets to know his doggy friends and looks forward to playing with them.

Q: Will my dog be required to be assessed?

A: All our dogs with the exception of puppies (we do a basic assessment for puppies up to 6 months old) need to pop along to Diamond Dogs any evening Monday to Thursday at 5.45pm for an assessment to determine if he/she will be suitable to join our pack. Please call first so we know to expect you.

Q: How will you handle my dog throughout the day?

A: We never raise our voice to our dogs, always calm, consistent handling and always fair! Our canine carers promote good manners within the pack using reward based training methods and do not allow bad behaviour, for example bullying, aggression, etc.

Q: What vaccinations does my dog require?

A: Our dogs must be fully up to date with all their main vaccinations and also have the kennel cough (Bordetella) vaccine. We must also have a copy of this before he/she can join our pack. We also send out reminders when our records show your dog is due for their annual vaccination and we will again then require a copy of this before he/she can return to play with us.

Q: What hours are you open for day care?

A: Opening times: Monday to Friday 7.45am to 6pm

Q: Does my dog have to be neutered or spayed to join the canine crèche?

A: We allow dogs to attend the crèche until they are 10 months old (however should they start showing any “flag” behavioural changes we would have to reassess and chat to pet parents about how to move forwards) therefore they would need to be either neutered or receive the contraceptive injection.